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[ACCEPTED]Bmxkid22 Admin App Empty [ACCEPTED]Bmxkid22 Admin App

Post by bmxkid22 on Fri Dec 27, 2013 10:23 pm

In-Game Name:bmxkid22

Skype Name:bmxkid227

Why do you want to be admin?(200 characters minimum)i want to become an my admin because im really good with sorting prombems and im on the sever a lot i think im good at minecraft i chech the web site every day if the sever gets crashed ill say on the web that it has i will work
my sock off for the sever
A player is disrespecting you. What do you do? i want do be a great admin and i want to prove that im good at minecraft and being an admin

A player logs on and begins spamming the chaticon with "this server sux". what do you do?/b] i would give one warning if they carey on ill kick them if the come back on and do it again ill ban them

[b]You see a player clearly hacking. What do you do?ask them to take there hacks off if they dont ill have to ban them no kick because hacks are worse than spaming

Additional Comments: my brother think im realy good and i love to bit and he is imarshall12

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Lv. 1 Member

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[ACCEPTED]Bmxkid22 Admin App Empty Re: [ACCEPTED]Bmxkid22 Admin App

Post by XxSonicBulletxX on Fri Dec 27, 2013 10:28 pm

We think your application was good and we would like you on our staff. Be sure to read the admin rules on the community rules thread.

i am the king of the web(site)!
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Lv. 4 Member

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